Maggoty S Scott

ISBN: 9780595822126

Published: January 10th 2006



Maggoty  by  S Scott

Maggoty by S Scott
January 10th 2006 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9780595822126 | 10.71 Mb

Three Tales of Alchemy presents three novelettes that share the common thread of breaking the cycle of action and reaction by transforming ones life experience into a meaningful whole. Several guests are invited by an anonymous benefactor to enjoy an extended retreat at The Manor. All of the guests suffer anger, boredom, and the nebulous pain of unhappiness born of having inherited material success.

They separate during the day for thought and reading, resuming their company over elegant dinners to express themselves. In the summing up of their lives they share heroism, possibility and the passionate accounting of individuals growing into one sentient Maturity. Hiram, a young man floundering in life becomes intrigued with Maggoty a catering service maid who is spontaneous, bright and provocative. His pursuit of her through a long line of upper crust parties initially piques a sensual need to have her. Through the course of his escapades, Hiram realizes a deeper longing to realize Maggoty (his nickname for the way she worms into his heart) in a different way.

In Vavara and the Magician the Magician entertains Vavara with a collection of fables that emit the theme of transformation of the heart, mind and soul through personal experience.

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